[FANACCOUNTS] 140103 TVXQ Pre-Recording for KBS Music Bank

World Bigeast Cassiopeia


  • Fans waiting to see twitpic.com/dr0gux
  • Great! Only 400 people can go in… so what i’m doing here??!!
  • Yeaaaa!!! Im in.. thank god im official cassiee!!♡♡
  • Only 360 fans can watch something stage..the rest have to wait for tense..
  • Time to go home.. changmin didnt said a word but he acting all cute~~~~ twitpic.com/dr103h
  • YH: now the 10 years has begun.. u will be with us right?
  • YH: sorry for keep u guys waiting so long.. we try to prepare best stage.. our dancer and staff worked really hard..
  • They sang 3 times.. 1st as reheasal.. 2nd for real but after disscus for quite sometimes with staff they did for 3rd time..
  • fan whom watch something cant watch tense to give place for fan who didnt watch something..
  • CM & YH greet fan together but only YH interact with fan.. CM use his body dancing cutely before they went out…

Lihat pos aslinya 821 kata lagi


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