[TWITTER COMPILATION] 140125 2014 Kim Jaejoong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert & J-Party in Seoul

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World Bigeast Cassiopeia



And Kim Jaejoong appears in all his half naked glory to sing 9+1#!

JJ: Everyone here, you’re lucky that you get to be here today..

JJ: Did you all bring me presents?
Fans: YES
JJ: I dont need them. I just need you all to enjoy today’s concert!

JJ: The mood lighting has gotten sexy.. and the music has gotten sexy.. now I’M going to dance sexy.. haha just kidding.

Kiss B. Jaejoong changed tops on stage. Shirts still remain unbottoned lol 😉

I woke up because of my coughing…. but don’t I sound amazing tonight? *smirk*

Jaejoong asked all the guys in the venue to shout and someone wolf-whistled at him XD

Now is Good! Green fanlight birthday project! T’is a sea of green I see~

Makeup! This song sounds even more amazing live ;___;

Heaven! Will Gummy be perfirming her duet?

Hey girl heyyyy gummy’s here!


Lihat pos aslinya 1.222 kata lagi


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