[PICS] 140128 ‘Three Days’ Filming – Part 2

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 photo IMG_9214.jpg

 photo IMG_9213.png

 photo IMG_9197.jpg

  • The filming was supposed to start at 6PM but due to his previous filming, Yuchun arrived at 7:30 PM.
    They filmed outside without break until past 9PM.
    Was it because he was cold? Because he kept walking hurriedly. It/he was cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • The galler gave more infos in the comments section:
    He was wearing a suit(?), and inside, a turtle-neck shirt and what seems to be a black knit and a grey outer garment.
    Yes, the second picture shows Yuchun.
    His hair was up/spikey.
    It was a tennis court and if you go down under the barbed-wire entanglements, there’s a river. They kept filming the river side as the background.
    Actually, I was looking at his face so I don’t remember what he was wearing;; it was a dark color. When he was done shooting, he wore a padding coat and left.
    Yes, a padding coat that looked warm.


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